There's been a lot of talk around what the final product name for Apollo should be. Many people, including myself would like the code name to stick. Just think about all the publicity Apollo has gotten, would be a shame to have to go out and market a new name when there was a perfectly good one all along.

Despite some early indications that made me believe Apollo would carry through as the final product name (the rocket icon in the new Adobe icon designs, having Apollo t-shirts printed, the "Apollo for Flex Developers" O'Reilly book etc.) I've heard the product managers insist that this is a code name and will very likely change. The only reasons I can think of is if there are any legal concerns registering a trademark or PR and marketing are kicking up a storm about exactly how it fits into the Adobe brand.

Whatever the case may be, I think the community has been vocal enough about this and hope we'll get to keep the name.

Its surprising to see how attached you can get to a name after just a few months of limited exposure, shows the developer relations teams are doing a great job getting the word out.