For the last few weeks there's been a lot of excitement around an imminent public beta release of Apollo to Adobe Labs, with ApolloCamp San Francisco happening in just two days there's no doubt that attendees will get their hands on the runtime and can't imagine it taking much longer to have it available to the general public. Its alway difficult to say what is and is not supported (yet) in a beta release but from the looks of it, no matter what Flex developers around the globe (and more than likely the AJAX crowd as well) are getting geared up for some serious late night coding. Better stock up on Red Bull and other forms of caffeine before the stores run out!

I've got high hopes for the technology in bridging the gap between web applications and the desktop and giving developers the chance to break out of the confines of the browser. One important factor is that there is nothing really new to learn, you'll leverage Flex, HTML and PDF and get API's to deal with Apollo specific functionality.

*Bring it on Adobe!*