You can't escape, Twitter is everywhere! Its amazing to see how fast this thing is getting adopted and the inventive uses people come up with for the service. I admit, I've become a twitaholic myself.

It really is an incredibly cool way to stay in touch with friends and colleagues, you get to read what they're up to at the moment and its not as invasive like email or IM where you need to get a reply back out to them.

Great to see that the guys over at the 360Flex conference in San Jose will be posting updates through Twitter, as will happen for ApolloCamp in San Francisco later this month.

Be sure to sign on and add them as a friend if you want to follow along. Alternatively Twitter does have RSS feeds available for public twitter posts, which is what I used tonight while I was in a little bit of a nostalgic mood.

The news ticker you see below is the very first component I ever built, back in the Flash 6 days -- the code is nasty prototype hacking and the XML firstChild.firstChild.childNodes[i].firstChild.nodeValue stuff instead of the E4X in AS3 I've come to learn and love and owe my sanity too -- once every now and then you really need to play around with old code like that to appreciate where we've gotten with the Flash platform.



I unfortunately won't be able to attend either event, but at least I'll be able to follow along in style with what I'm missing out on ;)

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