Doing some research for a little something I've got planned a few months from now -- your feedback is very welcome! Just leave a comment or drop me an email with your thoughts.

What do you look for in Flex 2 and AS3 training?

- Expert trainer, curriculum, courseware - Pricing, location, classroom size - Follow up, ability to post questions and get support

What do you want to get out of attending a training course?

- Get product certification - Have a general overview of the product - Have indepth knowledge of specific features - Know how to best apply the technology (best practices)

What teaching approach do you prefer?

- walk through a fixed curriculum - open curriculum, discuss topics based on attendee feedback - cover as much ground as time permits

How do you want to learn code?

- Deconstruct an existing application - Code an application from scratch - Don't build apps, do example code

Would you attend a Flex 2, ActionScript 3.0 or Apollo course in your area within the next 6 months?

- Yes, more than likely - Possibly - No, definitely not