ApolloI'd be interested to hear what people have in mind when they get their hands on Apollo -- over the last few weeks and months have been planning out some things I would like to do with it. Roughly speaking I see Apollo apps break down into one of the following three categories.


1. moving an existing Flex application from the web to the desktop The idea here being to have a standalone version of the same app working on the users desktop. For example my little AmazonExplorer Flex example could easily be converted into one of these Apollo apps.

2. set up an Apollo app from a web based service for doing synchronization Here we'd have a way to use a web based app in a way that makes sense for occassionally connected devices. Any work you do offline gets queued until you have connectivity again. Examples here are a blogger app (write your blog posts on the train and have them pushed online when you reach the office), an Apollo interface to any CMS system etc.

3. creating a desktop app by leveraging Flash Player features I'm not a traditional desktop developer and I like the idea of being able to easily code apps with functionality I get from the Flash Player (webcam, sound spectrum, E4X, binary data handling) across platforms. What I'm thinking here are an Apollo version of Photobooth, an MP3 player, RSS client, file organizer, whiteboard app,...

When you think about it Apollo is much more than just a fancy way of doing Flash projectors, however we end up using it, the ability to bring web technologies seemlessly over to the desktop is a very exciting prospect.

My prediction would be that within a maximum of two or three years all major e-commerce businesses will have something along the lines of a "take our site offline" feature which pushes out their custom branded Apollo app to the end user.

How do you see Apollo being adopted and what type of application would you be building?