I've seen my fair share of Flex projects over the last year but lately can't help thinking there's a distinct lack in innovative uses for the technology. Sure there are cool things out there like the Noise Monitoring System Schiphol (note that its Flex 1.5) by MediaCatalyst or the hybrid Flex desktop sync apps like the what the guys from Nascom did for Sony Vaio.

Both of these were well received at our last user group Flex showcase event and illustrate there are real world uses for Flex applications outside of the scope of your typical product configurator / filter.

What really gets me is that practically everything I see coming past my mailbox is 'old school' Flex (its so 2006 man!), nothing but pimped up copies of the default Flex demo's you get, and presented as if its the best thing since sliced bread. No offense to those of you that sent through project proposals in the last few weeks but there is more to life (and Flex) than slider components ;)

I might be raising the bar a bit too high as I've been lucky enough to work on an incredibly challenging AS3 and Flex 2 project (with some of the most talented developers I've ever met I need to add) for the last 6 months now and many other companies are just getting fired up and taking their first cautious steps with Flex 2.

We've got all these wonderful technologies at our disposal with AS3, Flex 2 and later this year Apollo (not to forget Flex 3 getting in the starting blocks) so I for one want to push it as far as we can possibly get it. Please join me in trying to achieve that goal!

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