Finally got myself a new phone and am absolutely loving the Nokia N70 -- its quite a change from my old Sony Ericsson K300i, not in the least because it supports Flash Lite 2.1 of course ;) I'm generally more of a Sony Ericsson enthousiast but their walkman series wasn't exactly what I needed, next on my list was the Nokia N80 - which I had seen in action and is a very impressive indeed - in the end decided that WiFi functionality wasn't worth the premium for me. I usually travel with my laptop anyway and it turned out to be double the price of the deal I could get for an N70.

With Total Training having just released a new training title by Dale Rankine on Flash Lite 2.1 development I look forward to finally getting involved with that. To be honest it was Richard's session at Flash on the Beach last December that convinced me to get a S60 phone. Unlike some other people I've talked to who are a little less optimistic, I see a real market emerging for Flash based content on the phone -- especially if we can possible work towards mobile/desktop convergence with Apollo.

Does anyone have any further links for getting into Flash Lite 2.1 development?

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