I got back from Flash on the Beach a couple of hours ago and have been catching up on my blogging. You can read my earlier posts to get some feedback on the sessions I've seen in the last few days but this certainly deserves a post on its own. John Davey... what can you say, the guy is brilliant! I'm not sure how he and his team have pulled it off but I'm absolutely astounded. The way this conference was organized you'd think they've been doing it for years. From conference registration, technical rehearsals, the exhibition area, swag for the attendees, dealing with the speakers and the evening parties it all went flawless!

Its somewhat of a tradition to say how much you enjoyed a conference coming back home but I can honestly say this is the very best Flash event I've ever attended (and I've seen a fair few all over the globe by now).

If you only have a budget to attend one conference a year, wherever you are located -- make sure its Flash on the Beach next time round!