Got in in time for the first session of the day, seeing Geoff Stearns (of SWFObject fame) talk about best practices for Flash in a Web 2.0 world. Some really good info on site indexing, navigation and deep-linking support that I'll definitely be using on future projects. Next up Niqui Merret talking about accessibility in Flash, a subject I've only encountered when working my way through getting some Flash apps section 508 compliant for US-based clients (which I can tell you is not an easy task). I particularly liked this session for her pragmatic approach to the challenge of accessibiliity and making it broader than just something to consider for visually and hearing impaired users. Specifically accessibility for people with cognitive disabilities will no doubt be something we'll hear more about with people starting to explore this area.

Had a nice lunch with Martin Smestad Hansen before going to see Folkert Gortert, I was presenting next in this hall and truth be told other than that I probably wouldn't have chosen it over Hos Gifford's talk but it was actually really nice. Folkert presented some of his work and it sure sparked my creativity, pleased I got at least one of these sessions in at the conference over just seeing all technical talks.

My session on JavaScript Flash was fun to do, I've done similar ones a few times now and its a bit of a difficult topic to present on as its actually quite extensive and most examples are written for very specific projects. I opted for deconstructing a bunch of small examples of tools, commands, windowSWF panels (and explain why I hate behaviors and timeline effects). The talk seems to have gone down quite well, got some interesting questions and Friends of ED was kind enough to have me give away a copy of "Extending Flash MX 2004", a must-have reference guide for doing anything with the JSAPI in the authoring environment.

Final session I went to see was Mario Klingemann's -- simply astounding, I continue to be amazed at the stuff he comes out with, from a flickr-based clock mashup, through a 'pizza' record player to a VJ tool hooking up midi through processing to a Flash front-end. Couldn't have chosen a better talk to end the conference with.

Next up was the conference wrap-up with a near endless stream of give-aways, tried to make a dash to the podium to grab some goodies but John got the better of me ;)

We went out for some dinner with the speakers at Wagamama's and had another party planned for that night, only hit the sack around 5am that night after some serious trouble-making at the hotel bar with the rest of the speakers. Its been brilliant seeing so many familiar faces and finally meeting people you've been following online for years. See you all at the next one!