Started out today with an *excellent* session by Mike Jones on Flex components, some great in depth tips and tricks that I'll be using day in day out. Next I went to see Joey Lott's session on AS3 Design Patterns, particularly liked his undo/redo commands implementation and the Memento pattern which I hadn't looked at before.

Over lunch I went to see a Quark presentation on their new Interactive Designer software. It looked like a nice tool for non-technical users and see the advantage of having the ability to go both to print and web from the same file. From a first quick look at the tool I do have some doubts about the usefulness and flexibility of their scripting engine and how well compression/file size turns out exporting from large, high-resolution documents prepared for print.

First session after lunch was Rich Shupe who did some good examples about the usefulness of bitmap caching, filters and blend modes. Had actually expected it to go a little more into bitmap manipulation and some of the more advanced features -- looking back might have gone to Jeremy Keith's instead, but a good refresher nonetheless.

Next up Keith Peters on animation with AS3, he started out with a really entertaining look at the history of Flash and even found some flyer that mentioned as a tag line something to the effect of "stunning animation, no pesky coding". Loved the irony to see this a decade later at a talk on AS3 ;-)

Final session of the day for me was Rich Legget's, I've been meaning to get into Flash Lite development for quite a while. The lack of actual commercial projects coming up for it with me has prevented me to go out and buy an Flash Lite 2 (or 2.1 now) enabled device. Suppose I could use the device emulator, but there's nothing like seeing the real thing. The walkthrough he did of two Flash Lite games were really very cool, can't wait to start doing it myself.

Didn't make it too late a night at the party being my usual professional self with my talk scheduled the next day :P

Spent some good time doing the finishing touches to my presentation and scripted a few more commands and WindowSWF panels to demo.