I managed to drag myself out of bed just in time to catch a quick breakfast with Keith and Tink and head out to the Dome to see Mike Downey, Mike Chambers and Mark Anders present an excellent keynote on what Adobe has in store for us in the not too distant future with Creative Suite 3 and Apollo. First session of the day was Tink's, walking through Flex for the Flash developer, looking at custom events etc. -- although I've been working with it for a while now it was a well worth refresher course for me.

Lunch ran a bit over, went for some tapas with Elmer, Carolina and the These Days and PIH crew. Did manage to catch the last half an hour of Brendan's talk. Loved his presenting style and again a great high-level look at what AS3 has in store.

Next up Aral Balkan who as always managed to capture the audience and get his point across about XP, usability, Agile and user-centric development. Definitely like the approach he suggests and would love to implement these techniques in all my project development going forward. Its not all common-sense ;)

To wrap up the day I went to see Mark Anders' session on Flex components, a great in depth look at how to handle components in Flex 2 and how measurement works by dissecting one of Ely Greenfield's examples. When you saw the finished component it was obvious the effect was a bit of a hack but very interesting code to see this functionality in action though.

Missed the Flux party unfortunately, crashed in my hotel room probably not completely recovered from the night before...