MacBook Pro It took me a little while to bite the bullet but Apple coming out with a MacBook Pro on an Intel Core Duo processor finally convinced me to switch.

Lovin' it so far, the only painful bit will be buying a Windows XP Pro license this afternoon to run it inside Parallels. Until universal binaries come out for software I use on a daily basis I'll be switching between Mac OS X and Win XP at the click of a button.

Some minor annoyances coming from the PC world:

  • maximize window is actually fit to content, there don't seem to be any good workarounds to have it behave like you expect it to on a PC. There's all sorts of debate on the web on how its un-Mac to maximize to full screen but I really hate the clutter of windows overlapping and would just like to Alt-Tab between apps.
  • closing a window doesn't close the application, that takes a good bit of time getting used to
  • networking with a PC you need to select the folder you want to access from a dialog box rather than just being able to browse the shared folders in the Finder.

Probably all things I'll get used to after a while though, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Still deciding on what email client I'll use (Thunderbird or Mail), have already installed Firefox as Safari doesn't really do it for me. Virtuedesktops is an absolute must have as well, be sure to install that app if you're switching over to Mac.

More to come!