If you're running Flex Builder 2 as a standalone application you might have noticed, as Mike Britton did, that it does not have Ant support out of the box. To get Apache Ant support in Flex Builder 2 standalone, you can follow along with the following step by step instructions (click screenshots to see full size).

  1. Launch Flex Builder 2
  2. Go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install
  3. Search for new features to install, click next
  4. Find and Install

  5. Select "Eclipse.org update site", click finish
  6. Select update site

  7. Select "Eclipse Java Development Tools", click next
  8. Eclipse Java Development Tools

  9. Accept the license agreement, click next
  10. Accept license agreement

  11. Click finish to start download
  12. Download Java Development Tools

  13. Eclipse downloads Java Development Tools
  14. Click "Install all" to install Java Development Tools
  15. Install all

  16. Restart the Eclipse workbench
  17. Find and Install

That's it! You now have Apache Ant support in your standalone Flex Builder 2 install. If you want to get started using it check out the following ASDoc build script by Dave Williamson.