I've been over in London for the last few days which happily coincided with the Adobe Live event -- headed over to the Olympia for Wednesday nights London MMUG meeting, a panel on "The future of the Internet as an Applications Platform". Speakers included: Ben Watson, Bola Rotibi, Andrew Shorten, James Governor, Andy Hood and Aral Balkan. Turned out to be a very interesting evening indeed, think some very important topics were raised and it was good to hear everyone's take on it. What I took away from the evening was the need for open data, going into the direction of a synchronized web (*cough* Apollo anyone?) and the need for accessibility not just as compliance to government legislation but as a real project goal. Last but not least as many in the audience, I'd agree with James that "DRM is crap"... or at the very least seriously flawed.

Thursday late afternoon I came over to Adobe Live again, sneaking into a couple of sessions (I forgot to register) and hanging out with Tink and Aral at the MMUG booth.

Somehow my blog attracted enough interest to get invited by James to join him and several other movers an shakers from a wide range of different background on an Adobe sponsored wine tasting geek fest. One of the best nights I've had over in London for a long time! It was great meeting up with everyone especially Ben Watson, Group Manager for Adobe's Developer Relations, who will hopefully be coming over to our local MMUG next time he's in the area.

Looks like I'll be over in London quite a bit in the coming weeks, so might organize a little get together myself -- feel free to drop me a line if you're interested!