Just got back from the Adobe Fusion event in Brussels and came back excited to see to what extent Adobe and Macromedia software already play nice together. I thought I was pretty much up to speed on integration between Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and Flash but the guys managed to show us some very cool tips and tricks on how to have them work together. Pretty cool! Serge did an impressive walkthrough of creating FLVs with alpha transparency, using cue points and round-trip editing with Photoshop.

In the morning I attended a session covering the Lightroom beta, Bridge, Photoshop -- you could say that the keyword of the session was "non-destructive editing" (long story short, use it ;)).

Nice weather, good company and great sessions; I'm sure there are much less enjoyable ways to spend a Wednesday. Looking forward to further events by the Adobe Benelux team!

[update] Koen De Weggheleire has a more indepth write-up on the event over on his website.

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