With the webDU conference just around the corner I'm getting ready to leave for Sydney, hope the 22 hour flight won't be too draining ;) Before I leave I still have a quick trip to London and back, a bit absurd to head back to Brussels only to fly via London again that very night -- but thats British Airways' policy for you.

I've been tweaking my JSFL session over the last few days and have some really cool examples ready, if you're attending the conference you won't want to miss it. I'll also be giving away a copy of "Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8" which probably hasn't made it to the bookshelves in Australia yet, first feedback I've gotten on the book is extremely positive. Those of you wondering where to download the source files, Friends of ED has been notified and will put them up as soon as possible.

I'll be back in full swing on March 7nd, if my jetlag permits, email communication until then will be a little slower than usual. Haven't managed to do much work on FlashExtensibility.com yet, I'll put up my session source code on there after my session.