If you're into JSFL you'll no doubt know about "Extending Flash MX 2004" by Keith Peters and Todd Yard which is essentially the bible on Flash extensibility (though I have to admit there is little competition).

After reading Keith is letting the accompanying domain FlashExtensibility.com go, I got in touch and he graciously transferred the domain to me. Pretty cool, looking forward to building it up to a nice little resource on extending the Flash IDE!

I first got into JSFL doing the technical review for Keith and Todd's book and have enjoyed building a whole host of commands, tools, windowSWF panels and other goodies over the last year or two. My aim is to get the site officially launched after my session on JSFL at webDU on March 2nd.

What would you like to see on FlashExtensibility.com? Do you want tutorials, sample code, a forum? Also looking for some motivated people that would like to help out running the site or contributing code. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email!