Over the last few month I've been working on a set of components to help with creating and validating forms in Flash -- you'll hear more about those some time early 2006.

Before that component set gets released I thought I'd go public with something that has a rather smaller target audience, a Belgian zipcode lookup component. What the component allows you to do is search for Belgian cities by zipcode, or zipcode by city. You can also have it return a full list of all Belgian cities or zipcodes making it very useful for your Flash forms and applications.

You'll find a working version of the Dutch version of the component below:


The components are available for immediate download at 20 Euro using PayPal and e-junkie and includes free updates, access to a support forum and a 10% discount when further components in this series are released.

You'll receive two components, one Dutch and one French -- both are just under 30Kb when exported and are compatible from Flash Player 6 r65 onwards. You will need to own a copy of Flash MX 2004 or later to author projects using these components.

The license allows you to use the components for unlimited personal and commercial projects, but does not allow distribution or resale without prior permission.

Click here to purchase a license for the components
Components are now open source and free of charge.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and enjoy!