I didn't particularly know what to expect on week one after the Macromedia acquisition, but as far as I've seen everything is moving relatively smoothly.

Apart from a few minor communication hiccups early in the week and some concerns from the developer community about Adobe's policy on the availability of SDK's etc. the general consensus with most people I talked to seems to shift from "let's wait and see" to "positive signs".

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia complete

Monday, December 5th 2005 First day of business as the combined company ...

- Macromedia sites are rebranded, they now all sport the Adobe logo with a "formerly Macromedia" notice.

- Adobe announces new design and web bundles including that include Macromedia Studio 8 software with its Creative Suite.

http://www.adobe.com/products/bundles/main.html - Adobe acquisition FAQ appears to indicate that the Flash Player would be integrated with the Acrobat Reader over time.


After Colin Moock and Aral Balkan picked up on this, the rumour started spreading like wildfire. Luckily this news was almost immediately negated by the developer relations team and the integration between the plugins is actually something they plan for the Apollo "universal client" project. http://www.moock.org/blog/archives/000179.html http://www.flashant.org/index.php?p=483&more=1&c=1

- Adobe blogs are added to MXNA (probably the only site not yet fully branded with the Adobe logo) http://weblogs.macromedia.com/mxna

- Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen in a Breeze presentation announcing the acquisition plans (http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/acquisition_complete/main.html)

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 Getting over the information overload ...

- After the first day of everyone rehashing the same old news, the community seems to broaden the discussion on what software and people will get to stay with the official proposal letters getting sent around that week.

Wednesday, December 7th 2005 Some Macromedia usergroup and Team Macromedia information ...

- Usergroup managers and Team Macromedia members were given an update on the status of those programs. Not much to report yet but it looks as though no major changes are to be expected.

Thursday, December 8th 2005 Nothing to worry about ...

- Mike Chambers reports that they've updated the FAQ to avoid any confusing regarding the Flash Player and Acrobat Reader integration.


- Mike Downey lets us know that the Flash team is going ahead as usual, working hard on the next version of the Flash IDE codenamed Blaze.


- David Mendels, Senior Vice President of the new Adobe Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business unit (how can you possibly fit that title on a business card??), talks about the future for ColdFusion in combination with Adobe product such as LiveCycle.


Friday, December 9th 2005 Employees update ...

- Macromedia employees start to report whether or not they'll be staying on with Adobe. From what I've seen blogged there are no massive layoffs and many people have the opportunity to stay on in their current role.

http://weblogs.macromedia.com/amusselman/archives/2005/12/its_official_im.cfm http://weblogs.macromedia.com/dehaan/archives/2005/12/flash_documenta.cfm http://www.peldi.com/blog/archives/2005/12/im_back.html

Saturday, December 10th 2005 Not too much to report ...

- Sean Corfield gives us some insight into the migration of mail accounts, intranet and software installations for Macromedia employees, seems to be organised very well.


Sunday, December 11th 2005 What about developers?

- An increasing number of blog posts on how Adobe will handle developers, something they haven't had to do on such a scale in the past. Dave Yang talks about how you need to pay some serious money to join the Adobe Developer program and get access to SDK's for PDF. http://swfoo.com/archives/000082.html

- Greg Wygonik also points out that traditionally Adobe users weren't typical developers and they did not have to deal with opening up the amount of information Macromedia users are used to. http://broadcast.artificialcolors.com/index.php?title=but_adobe_users_aren_t_developers&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1

- Stephen Collins talks about the need for Adobe to open its information base http://www.stephencollins.org/adobe-needs-to-open-its-information-base/

All in all I'm very pleased with the way things have gone so far - thanks to the developer relations team for keeping an eye out on any emerging concerns. Am pretty confident that we've got a bright future ahead with Adobe!