I'll be over at the Spark conference in Amsterdam next Thursday and Friday and just noticed they put up the schedule. Here is my initial selection of sessions I'm planning to attend: Thursday, November 17th

- Erik Natzke: Blended Art and Science - Guy Watson: Introduction to Actionscript 3 - Mike Chambers: Flash/JavaScript/HTML Integration - Chafic Kazoun: Introduction to Flex 2.0 - Ted Patrick: Managing the DisplayList in AVM2/AS3 - Aral Balkan: The Open Source Flash Revolution - Kevin Lynch: Macromedia Keynote

... and of course the Spark all-night party

Friday, November 18th

- Ted Patrick: flash.net.Socket for Multi-user Applications in Flex 2 - Macromedia Flash 8 Dream Team - Actionscript 3.0 Panel - Flex 2.0 Panel - Open Source and Flash Panel

You can find the full schedule for the Spark conference here. If you're going, feel free to post the sessions you'll be attending!