This coming Friday (October 21st) will host its first Open Source Flash conference via Breeze. The speaker lineup looks great and I expect we'll be seeing quite a few sneak peeks ;)

17:55 Introduction by Nicolas Cannasse 18:00 Keynote : The OSFlash Revolution by Aral Balkan 18:30 Session : RED5 Prototype Unveiled by John Grden 19:00 Session : The ASWing GUI Framework by Firdosh Tangri 19:30 Session : The ActionStep GUI Framework by Richard Kilmer 20:00 Break 15 minutes 20:15 Session : High-Scale Enterprise OSFlash Projects by Carlos Rovira 20:45 Session : Flash Rich Desktop Applications by Edwin Van Rijkom 21:15 Session : Using the Flash JavaScript Integration Kit by Igor Costa 21:45 Session : MTASC past , present and future by Nicolas Cannasse 22:15 Conclusion

All the times above are in GMT, if you're planning to attend you can leave your name on the wiki (optional). The URL for the Breeze room will be posted a few hours in advance. Hope to see you then!