What a way to start the week! The aggregators are flooded with all the exciting news, but I'll just add a quick overview here:

Macromedia Labs goes live -- a place where developers can get hold of alpha builds of software and see what technologies the engineering team is playing around with. It also has a wiki, an RSS feed and the latest docs on things like ActionScript 3.

Flex Framework 2, Flex Builder 2, Flex Charting components 2, Flash Player 8.5 public alpha versions are available for download.

Flash Player 8.5 is incredibly fast, Claus Wahlers ported the DENG CSS 3 parser to ActionScript 3 and 20kb CSS file parses 12,5 times faster than in Flash Player 8 (without using any additional optimization).

That kind of makes up for not being able to go to MAX -- at least I'll have some more time to experiment with the new goodies ;)