I've been really into podcasts these last few months -- listening to them that is -- and its great to see that more and more people in the Flash community are starting to get involved and record their own shows. There of course is the podcast from the allmighty mothership, hope to hear more from those guys soon. I'm sure they're all extremely busy with the upcoming Studio 8 release but its not like there's not much stuff to talk about ;)

If you haven't checked out the incomparable Eric Dolecki's podcast be sure to do, its very entertaining and absolutely chockful of useful info. Just downloaded iTunes 5 yesterday, set up his podcast and to my surprise found my name in the description in one of his previous shows. Shame on me, I asked him to talk about runtime data binding and completely missed that show. Had a great time meeting Eric at FlashForward SF earlier this year, wish we had more time to hang out but I'm sure there will be other opportunities in the not too distant future.

That iTunes 5 install forced me to update my QuickTime to version 7 and noticed they've now got a recording mode in the pro version that's just the thing for creating podcasts which is really cool. It even got me thinking of doing my own little show, not quite sure if I'll have the time and whether I'd do it in English or Dutch but definitely something for me to put on my to-do list.