Just got back from my little one month holiday in India and you guessed it, first thing I did was attend the Flash 8 preview event in Brussels with Waldo Smeets and Serge Jespers presenting (I managed to wiggle my way out of speaking, though the guys did actually manage to have me answer one question during the break :p). I walked away absolutely inspired by the new release and with a couple of cool new goodies for my shwag list (a Macromedia branded logitech webcam and cool watch) -- thanks Waldo! Unfortunately forgot to pick up one of those cool new Studio 8 notebooks, so that's one more thing for my 'got to get before the merger' list.

Still catching up with all my email, if you emailed me anything important and don't get a reply within a day or two feel free to send me a reminder as it might have gotten caught in my all-mighty SPAM filter.