OK then, one last blog post before I get my holiday ... Eric Dolecki just passed the baton and I'm happy to twirl it :D Total Macromedia Shwag in your possession:

  • - 10+ mousepads (thinking of plastering my walls with them)
  • - a few dozen pens
  • - 1 Flash Timbuk laptop bag (used almost exclusively to show off)
  • - 2 Studio MX 2004 shirts
  • - 2 Macromedia Central t-shirts
  • - 1 Team Macromedia polo shirt
  • - 2 Macromedia Central USB Flash Drives (64 Mb)
  • - 3 packets of Flash MX 2004 collectible cards (series 1)
  • - 1 DevNet CD case
  • - 3 Central API posters
  • - 1 DevNet thermal mug
  • - 1 bouncy blue Macromedia stress ball
  • - various badges, pins, notepads etc.

Oldest Macromedia shwag in your possession:

That'll have to be a mousepad, not even sure if that counts -- it looks like half the civilized world has those :D The first really cool thing I got probably was the Studio MX 2004 shirt when I did my first session ever at Flashtival.

Last Macromedia shwag you received:

Happy Birthday ColdFusion candy

Most Unusual Shwag:

Its a tie between "happy birthday CF" candy and a DevNet toy basketball ring.

Shwag you wear/use most often:

The Flash Timbuk bag without a doubt!

5 Favorite Macromedia schwag items:

Flash Timbuk laptop bag, Central USB drive, Team Macromedia polo shirt, mousepad (that doubles as a frisbee, I want one of those too Eric!), thermal mug.

Shwag you'd still like:

I've probably broken the official baton-passing rules here but I'm adding this question -- I'd donate my scalp to charity for a MM baseball cap, for some reason they stopped selling them along with all the other cool shwag at the MM online store :( (if anyone wants to make a trade I've got mousepads, collectible cards, posters and pens on offer)

There are apparently some cool MM branded coffee mugs around as well so will definitely have to try my best to get hold of one of those. I can't wait to see the experts on the 'antiques roadshow' talk about the value of all my goodies in 50 years time, I'll be a wealthy man I tells you. That and the profound inner peace of having worked with the greatest darn bunch of people known to mankind, thank you Macromedia!

5 people I'm passing the baton to:

1. Vera Fleischer 2. Aral Balkan 3. Serge Jespers 4. Waldo Smeets 5. Christophe Herreman

oh and just for the sake of breaking the rules again ... Peter Hall, I'm sure he has loads!