Can't believe I only heard about this recently, the amazing guys at are working on FDT, a Flash Development plugin for Eclipse that simple rocks! Looking at the demos they've got up it will include some of the following features: - FlashANT integration
- Problems panel that seems to work as you type flagging up any lexical, syntactical and semantical errors
- Easy MTASC compiler setup and SWF viewer
- AS2.0 class wizard that easily creates your class (you can even have it implement an interface and automatically generate the required methods)
- Quickfix feature that can declare variables for you, create classes you references but don't exist yet
- Organize imports can add import statements to your class or when you move classes to a different package will fix the reference throughout your project.

Be sure to check out the demo videos:

I've probably only seen the very basics of what this Eclipse plugin can do, can't wait to see it released! It'll without doubt be an absolute lifesaver for those of us doing AS2.0 development. Let's see how Zorn will compare to this :)

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