After a couple of very busy months, blissfully ignoring my spam-infested blog, I've managed to invest some time cleaning it up and upgrading to the latest WordPress release. Some 1374 deleted spam comments later its looking brand sparkling new, even if I do say so myself! That said, I'm back in the blogging business and there are loads of things I plan to post about in the coming days including:

  • FlashForward 2005 San Francisco roundup (better late than never, great conference that didn't nearly get the amount of coverage it deserved)
  • The "Scripting Design - CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) in Flash" ATE(Ask The Expert) session notes (once I retrieve those from my defunct notebook) along with a couple of great new examples on how to extend the TextField.StyleSheet parser
  • Some XML(eXtensible Markup Language) tips and tricks I recently discovered and are brilliant for storyboarding Flash applications
  • Upcoming events and planned sessions

And of course the obligatory post with my thoughts on the Adobe > Macromedia acquisition ... so stay tuned!