As no doubt everyone is aware, South-East Asia was hit by a massive earthquake and resulting tidal floods have caused possibly hundreds of thousands of casualties.

When confronted with a disaster of that scale you can only hope and try to make a difference in your own way. It is encouraging to see so many organisations and individuals getting involved from all over the world making this a united effort to help surviving victims that are at this very moment stuck without shelter, food and clean water. In areas I've visited over the past few years and are close to my heart in Tamil Nadu, India and Sri Lanka the collective death toll at this moment is over 45,000 with many more people directly affected by the disaster.

After considering what I could do to help, I decided to put the first in a series of Flash Elements I'm planning to release as a commercial product up for download. Those of you that saw my presentation at the MediaElements conference have already saw it in action, the MP3Player Flash Element allows you to quickly and easily add an MP3 playback controller to your website. The MP3Player currently supports setting the autoplay, volume, caption text and timeline visibility properties and support for ID3 tags and playlists is planned for a next upcoming release.

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Anyone that donates 10 Euro (14 USD, 7 GBP) or more will be eligable for free updates and a substantial discount for the final product when it is released. All donations received will be forwarded in full to help fund the relief effort. You can download the MP3Player Flash Element here, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

[update] The first donations are coming in, thanks to those contributing! Looking at the download statistics just about 1 in every 50 people donated through this site.