While thinking about some cool examples for the JSFL File API introduced with the 7.2 updater for Flash MX 2004, I came up with the idea of building an MP3 player panel for the Flash IDE. Think about it, practically everyone likes to have his/her favourite music on while coding away in ActionScript ;)
It was actually surprisingly simple to build, just a couple of components and under 50 lines of code. From the feedback I've gotten people were really excited about this example. When I've got some more time I'll add support for playlists and shuffle.

Other windowSWF's that I've got in the works are an FLV previewer and XML browser.

In case you're wondering the JSFL File API does not (yet) support browsing to a folder to select the source file URI. Guy Watson's FileSystem API does have a function that allows this and I'm working on getting an example ready using his FileSystem extension.

You can download the MXP here, feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts and/or suggestions!