If you're not at Flashtival, Rotterdam right now you're missing out on what I think could be the coolest Flash talk of the year. Peter Hall is just presenting a session on DDF (Document Driven Flash) which allows pages to be reused as both HTML and Flash.

Using simple Dreamweaver generated HTML, some JavaScript and XPath magic he's showing us a great framework to quickly and easily use the same content in both HTML and SWF format. It's not meant to be a full XHTML parser (check out DENG for that) but the idea is pretty cool to say the least.

I believe he's doing the same presentation at FlashEurope so if you missed out today, you can try to make it over then.

I've just finished my own session on JSFL and building Flash MX 2004 extensions and will be posting some of the cool stuff I've built while preparing for this session in the coming days! ;)