Things are certainly on the up for the European Flash community, whereas we would usually have one or two conferences a year we've now got no less than four conferences over a period of six months!

I've been confirmed to speak at the following conferences:

* Flashtival, Rotterdam - the Netherlands (September 27th, 2004)
* FlashEurope, Barcelona - Spain (November 3-5, 2004)
* MediaElements, Enschede - the Netherlands (November 11-12, 2004)
* MX Europe, London - United Kingdom (January 31st - February 2th, 2005)

Sit yourself down and check out the partial list of speakers for FlashEurope that aSH has up :D

Speakers among many many others include: Andries Odendaal, Brajeshwar, Chafic Kazoun, Erik Natzke, Grant Skinner, Marcos Weskamp, etc.

There might even be a couple more events that I wasn't aware of, talk about an exciting few months!