Macromedia Flex is released, rejoice all ye people! I've been a faithful disciple of the technology since I first heard about it, big up to the Flex team for their incredibly hard work and dedication to getting this product released.

Not unlike other software releases there is quite a bit of controversy about the marketing policy and product pricing. I'm not one to easily give criticism but I must admit that I'm a bit worried about adoption rates at a price tag of $12,000 USD for a two CPU license. How many freelance Flash developers regularly work for clients that commission projects that would warrant an investment of anything near that cost? We might just all be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the slow yet painful demise of Macromedia Generator which was an equally brilliant and innovative piece of technology in its day.

For a couple of years now there have been calls to get some kind of commandline Flash compiler developed, JSFL is a first step in making this possible though it is still quite a bit of a workaround and it doesn't allow for developing outside the box.

This is where Flex comes in, what about releasing a version that doesn't run on top of a J2EE server but simply generates a SWF based on MXML and ActionScript just like the real deal. I'm sure that if something like that was made available with a price range of around $1,000 USD many developers would use that in favour of the Flash IDE. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!